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Turello's websites and online services may use so-called “cookies”. Cookies allow you to use online shopping carts and personalize your experience on our sites; in addition, they tell us which parts of our sites are visited, help us evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and web searches and allow us to analyze user behavior, to improve our communications and our products.

If you want to disable cookies in the Safari browser, go to Preferences and from the Privacy panel choose the option to block cookies. For other browsers, check with the manufacturer how to disable cookies.

Since all of our websites use cookies, disabling them may prevent you from using certain functions or sections.

The cookies used by our sites have been categorized according to the guidelines contained in the UK ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Cookie Guide. For our websites and other online services we use the following categories:

Category 1 - Strictly Necessary Cookies These cookies are essential to navigate our sites and use the various functions. Without cookies, it is not possible for us to provide services such as shopping carts and e-billing.

Category 2 - Cookies for performance analysis These cookies collect information on how you use our sites, for example which pages you visit most often: these are data that allow us to optimize our websites by making them easier to navigate. We also use these cookies to let affiliates know if your visit originated from one of their sites and if it resulted in the use or purchase of one of our products or services on your part, also providing details of the product or service purchased. hese cookies do not collect information that allows you to be personally identified: all data collected is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

Category 3 - Cookies for the analysis of functionality Thanks to these cookies, our sites are able to remember the choices you make while browsing. For example, we can store your geographic location in a cookie to show you the website in your language. We can also remember your preferences, such as text size, font and other customizable elements of the site. Finally, these cookies can help us keep track of which products or videos have already been viewed to prevent them from being re-proposed. These cookies do not collect information that allows you to be personally identified and do not keep track of your activities on non-Turello sites.

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